Alejandra Cruz

Administrative Assistant for the Departments of Humanities and Literature and Art History

Exts. 2501 - 3299

Alexander Herrera

Associate Professor

My research addresses landscapes and material culture from a long-term perspective that draws upon ethnohistory and ethnography, integrated with environmental and historical data. I focus on social interaction across the Andes, from the Pacific to Amazonia, to study how economic and political interaction shapes identity politics. I also study ritual musical practices and soundscapes, as linkages between mortuary and sacred landscapes and water management systems. The application of indigenous traditions of water harvesting in rural development and climate change adaptation is a line of cooperative research with local partners in the highlands of Peru.

Ana María Franco

Associate Professor - MA Faculty Representative

Postwar abstract art in Europe, the United States and Latin America; Gender studies and feminism in Latin American abstract art.

Ana María Zapata

Editorial Manager

Ext. 3843

Betsy Forero Montoya

Associate Professor

Visual and popular culture, film studies, gender studies, Japanese studies

Darío Velandia

Chair of the Department Art History - Associate Professor

Spanish Golden Age painting, religious visual culture, survival and reception of the classical and medieval art in modern age.

Juanita Solano Roa

Assistant Professor

History of photography; photography in Latin America; Modern and contemporary art in Latin America; Art and Food

Laura Patricia Bolívar Trujillo

Editorial Administrative Assistant - Humanities and Literature & Art History

Ext. 3843

María Clara Bernal

Associate Professor

Modern and contemporary art in Latin America and the Caribbean, Surrealism in the Caribbean, Migration and art.

Natalia Lozada Mendieta

Assistant Professor

PhD in Archaeology from University College London (UCL). Specialises in the study of ceramics and rock art from the Orinoco and greater Amazonia region.