Art Historian

Minimum Program Length

8 semesters

In person



Total Credits




The Undergraduate Degree in Art History at Universidad de los Andes is an academic referent in Colombia and in Latin America because it is versatile and dynamic, and dialogues with the Humanities and the Social Sciences. Our full-time faculty are well-known in their areas of expertise for their critical, interdisciplinary work both in their research and in teaching. Their lines of research focus on the object, its materiality, context, uses, reception and appropriation, and consider global and transnational studies that include cultural phenomena from Prehistory to Contemporary art. The structure of the program gives the student significant flexibility when choosing their courses, out of the 28 credit courses in Art History, only 2 are offered annually and are considered part of the core introduction to the discipline.

Aims and Objectives

  • To observe, describe and analyze objects, processes, images and works of art through their materiality, their technique, their iconography, their formal configuration and their context of both production and reception.
  • To critically read and interpret primary and secondary sources.
  • To produce different types of texts (argumentative, descriptive and reflexive) and communicate them both in writing and orally.
  • To know, explain and interpret techniques, forms of periodization, theories, methods, terminologies and historiographies.
  • To understand Art History from an inter and multi-disciplinary angle, between the global, the regional and the local, from Prehistory to contemporary times.

Applicant Profile

That person wanting to enroll in the undergraduate degree in Art History is someone interested in the Humanities and in the artistic creative process even if they are not interested in making art. This student is curious and interested in both the historical past and future of humanity seen through the lens of artistic production, a person who is sensitive to the world around them and to its visual manifestation and who enjoys reading and writing as ways of acquiring and affirming their knowledge and critical skills.

Graduate Profile

The alumnus of the Art History program at the Universidad de los Andes is a professional with academic rigor, autonomy, ethical responsibility, enthusiasm and curiosity. The graduate is in the capacity to observe and describe analytically cultural and artistic phenomena from a global, regional and local perspective, from Prehistory to Contemporary times. An Art Historian who graduates from the program can interpret and use primary and secondary sources, knows fundamental concepts and ideas of Art History from a multi and interdisciplinary framework, can formulate and transmit problems and hypothesis by taking a critical approach towards the discipline, and is able to argument both in writing and orally. The alum will be able to approach new themes and areas of work, such as teaching, research, curatorial work, cultural and heritage administration, editorial, media and art market related positions.

Resolución 5136 Ministerio de Educación Nacional Registro calificado (2011).

Resolución 3492 Ministerio de Educación Nacional Renovación registro calificado y reforma curricular (2018).